Evaluation services are provided by the independent appraisal organization "UHY APPRAISERS".

Combining the qualities of an international network UHY and performing functions of national assessment, valuation organization "UHY APPRAISERS" is reliable partner for a wide range of clients and directed toward enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership and various industries of the economy.

We implement

Assessment of property and property rights

Revaluation of fixed assets

Development and analysis of investment projects

Drawing up business plans

Our specialists

They studied at the leading educational centers of England, Malaysia, USA, Japan, Russia, Uzbekistan.

They have a special education in the field of property valuation, as well as audit, accounting, also have certificates (CAP, CIPA).

They took part in the development of the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Appraisal Activities", "On Bankruptcy", National Property Valuation Standards and etc.

The specialists of our organization have extensive experience in the evaluation of various types of property and assets of production, investment, credit and financial organizations, as well as intellectual property objects (inventions, industrial designs, utility models, computer programs, know-how and other intangible assets).

We have prepared more than 10,000 valuation reports:

  • Business and property complexes
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Shares and equity shares
  • Objects of intellectual property
  • Commercial real estate
  • Equipment and technological lines
  • Motor vehicles
  • Rights of claim

We evaluate for the purposes of:

  • Denationalization and Privatization
  • Enterprise reorganization                                         
  • Implementation of bankruptcy procedures                                         
  • Entering property in the authorized capital                                         
  • Resolution of property disputes                                         
  • Property division, Inheritance, Donation                                         
  • Revaluation of fixed assets                                         
  • Assignments                                         
  • Taxation                                         
  • Inventory                                         
  • Collateral                                         
  • Insurance                                         
  • Damages                                         
  • Customs procedures                                         
  • Leases and leases                                         
  • Purchase and sale

We have many years of practical experience in property valuation:

evaluation of banks and insurance companies:

valuation of shares and equity shares:

evaluation of hotels, commercial activities:

evaluation of equipment and production lines: (more than 5000 objects)

evaluation of vehicles: (more than 2000 objects)

objects of intellectual property: computer programs, trademarks, patents for inventions, goodwill ...

assessment of claims: accounts receivable ...