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We understand your business...

Customers like to work with affordable and simple in communication UHY employees, who can offer innovative and practical solutions, both for medium-sized businesses and for transnational corporations.

Our specialists were trained and passed an internship in the leading educational centers of England, Malaysia, USA, Japan, Russia, Uzbekistan.

команда UHY Tashkent
Sarvarkhon Karimov

Managing Partner

Certified Public Accountant of Uzbekistan

Certified auditor, more than 10 years of experience in accounting. Supervises the areas of audit, consulting and accounting. Permanent representative of UHY Tashkent at the UHY international conferences and meetings.


Firuza Ashirbaeva

Senior Partner

Certified Public Accountant of Uzbekistan

Certified auditor. More than 20 years experience in the field of accounting and auditing services for enterprises of various industries. Supervises the work of the tax department. Specializes in the field of complex issues of taxation, development of business schemes and tax optimization.


Odiljon Rakhimov


Director of
the IFRS Department

Certified Public Accountant (USA)
Certified auditor


He has experience and specialization in preparing financial reports for different clients in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), National Accounting Standards (NSA) and US GAAP.


He has extensive knowledge of IFRS, International Auditing Standards (ISA), NAS and Audit Legislation (NSA) of Uzbekistan. Supervises the audit of various projects funded by international financial institutions.

Avaz Karimov

Managing Partner of UHY Appraisers LLC

Certified Appraiser

Specialist in the securities market


Raisa Sviridova

Director of the Mirabad branch

Certified Auditor


Ergash Mirzaev

Director of the Tashkent branch

Certified Auditor


Hayitbay Ibragimov

Certified Auditor


Iskandar Abdurakhmanov

Senior Specialist


Murod Umarov

Certified Auditor


Marina Velichko

Senior Consultant


Angelika Ermolenko

Certified Auditor


Yulia Goryaeva

HR manager


Liliya Kim

Certified Auditor (CAP)


Lyudmila Ketxudyan

Assistant Auditor

Elena Ma

Assistant Auditor

Batashova Nataliya

Legal Counsel

- legal support of foreign and domestic enterprises;

- support of transactions in mergers and acquisitions, transformation, voluntary liquidation of enterprises, business entities and support of bankruptcy procedures.

- the study of documents and the preparation of legal opinions on business issues;

- preparation of the necessary documents for making changes in the constituent documents and the implementation of the necessary actions related to their state registration;

- legal expertise of documentation and contracts with the preparation of a written opinion;

- advice on labor law issues;

- preparation of claims and letters, preparation of claims, complaints, representation in court, preparation of petitions and applications, preparation of documents on appealing court decisions, etc