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The audit organization LLC “UHY TASHKENT” is included in the register of organizations of legal consultants (registry number 40).

The audit organization LLC “UHY TASHKENT” can provide the following legal advice:

- assistance in registration, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities, accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies and organizations, obtaining licenses, certificates and other permits in the manner prescribed by law;

- legal support (service) of the business, including advice on current issues of the organization;

- development of various internal documents of the organization on organizational issues and corporate governance issues;

- Drafting and examination of draft contracts, contracts, agreements, as well as statements, complaints and other legal documents;

- Representation of individuals and legal entities in negotiations, including discussion of legal issues;

- advising the client on other legal issues that are not prohibited by law and the Regulation on the provision of legal consulting services by commercial organizations (ANNEX N 1 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 17, 2018 N 675).